So who exactly is Kris Singh
I am a magician who can provide you with great entertainment!

When is the best time to book you to perform?
The earlier the better really. However I can often perform at the last minute. Either call or email me. I tend to be the busiest over the summer and Christmas period.

Where do you perform?
Primarily in Sussex and the surrounding areas but I am prepared to travel anywhere in the country or abroad provided travel expenses are paid for.

Do you do children’s parties?
Sorry, I don't... but I can refer you onto a brilliant kids entertainer who I can guarantee will not disappoint.

How long have you been doing magic for?
I first started doing magic when i was 11 years old.

Say I were to book you for a event would we have to provide anything for you to perform? Like setting up a stage or a table for instances?
No you won’t need to worry about anything. If I’m going from table to table performing magic or at a walk about situation then I will work out of my pockets.

Is there anywhere I can see you “in action”?
Yes, you can currently see me perform every other Friday from 7.30pm -10pm at Zizzi Resturant in the Brighton Marina and The Mesmerist Bar in the south lanes in Brighton. I can also give you a free consultation about your event and show you what I do and how it will benefit your event.